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Alongside the exhibition of these knowledgeable elements and the private collections, the geological project aims to become an aliving classroom where citizens can interact to the learning of geology. It is also a leisure exhibition centre and citizen participation for science education, where created to help students, schoolboys and girls, increasing their knowledge of geology and gain understanding. 

Gold miner. Minerals and Treasures of the Earth

At the same time its educational functions, the classroom also offers among its services, technical and geo-consulting advice concerning geological issues, geotechnical, geohazard, minerals and ornamental rocks (art-stones) and technical geotours.

It is also pretended that the geo-classroom will be expanding with the advance of the geo-exhibition, renewing contents according to citizen’s demand. We are keen to hear from you, participation of ideas, meeting of friends, and sharing thoughts of scientific discussion or topics.

Check out our planned activities for the incoming months. Would you lose it?

Mining Survey in lead mines (Padlock Mine, Málaga)

Mining Survey in lead mines
(Padlock Mine, Málaga)

Mining historical survey on ancient outcrops. Graphite mines El Nicio (Estepona)  Exploration works

Mining historical survey on ancient outcrops. Graphite mines El Nicio (Estepona)
Exploration works

Geotours. Organization of geological excursions and nature tours.

We focus our professional excellence in excursions to natural sites and geotours. Malaga province is an area with particular remarkable natural heritage "geosites", the majority of them with an outstanding value of theirs resources. We make a practical visit and technical explanations on site regarding geological features of the relief, faults, folding and origin of our mountains, using of geological compass, minerals and rocks collecting, and hiking, in conjunction with a beautiful time to share spending our time in friendship and amazing activities.

Excursions are focused to a wide range of clients; childrens from 9 to 12 years old,  and adults of all ages. Groups or technical geotours with particular mention to specific sites are also available (Mineralogical tours, Petrological or natural tours).

It is guided by geologist controlling the site activities; collection of samples, minerals and rocks collecting in quarries, or adits dumping places, geological explanations and technical guidances, geological and mining data compilation, inventory of points of geological interest (LIG), mining activities and photo report.

The routes are prepared in advance with the recommendations and safety warnings appropriate to the geotour. Geotours and natural routes are performed weekly every Sunday, or Monday only by appointments (Schools, Institutes, and Associations). Prices available for groups.

Across the slopes and towards the adits

Nos asomamos al valle alpino en el mirador de los Reales

Bahia Marbella Institute. Geotour at los Reales Estepona.

Workshops, minerals, rocks and fossils focused to schoolchildren, students and teachers of Sciences.

Native antimony specimen. Mass of 5 kg.  La Viñuela

Native antimony specimen. Mass of 5 kg. La Viñuela

The purpose of these workshops is to familiarize the community, schoolboys and schoolgirls, students, and citizens with the texture and structure of minerals, rocks and fossils that can be found out in our fields and mountain trips, through hand samples (bulk samples). The explanations are guided by professionals geologist and presentations in conjunction with colour slides.

The workshops take nearly two hours which comprise theoretical (30%) and practical (70%) lessons. These workshops take place weekly, every Saturday from 10.30am to 12.00 . 


Geotechnical consulting

Our geotechnical consulting, advisory and drafting of geological-geotechnical reports is guaranteed by over 25 years of experience in the field of civil engineering (8 of them international), site supervision, management of fieldwork and geotechnical investigation, mineral deposits and study of ornamental rocks. Our portfolio and expertise comprise the followings services:

  • Geological mapping
  • Geotechnical report
  • Site investigation (boreholes, trial pits)
  • Slope stability analysis (Cut and embankments)
  • Rock mechanics
  • Risk  assessment and geohazards
  • Mineralogical studies
  • Petrological report
  • Material reusing for earthworks
  • Art stones
  • Technical Geotours

Creative workshops, Geo-discussions and forums related to local issues; mineralogy, geology, palaeontology, museum, mining heritage, archaeology and general science.

The purpose of these workshops is to put in place the extraordinary value of our natural local resources through the spreading of geological science knowledge. A practical exercise, either on site or at the exhibition, to those aspects related to geological features of our region, an outstanding issues, which need the support of scientist works and the geological community. 
Excursions, fieldworks, geotours and mining survey are also planned weekly to claim the protection and outstanding value of our natural resources.

AMET the factory. El Tarajal. A deceised outstanding factory claimed as science museum-quality building.

AMET the factory. El Tarajal. A deceised outstanding factory claimed as science museum-quality building.

Sampling discussions

Creation of the Exhibition Friends Association

Our asset and vision cover the entire disciplines which help the friends of science. We will have a set of cultural activities related to meeting points, exchange of knowledge, ideas and impressions on the basis of common interests (formation of groups interested in specific topics, lectures, excursions blog, geological and mining heritage, mineralogical news, reporting, editions of papers, magazines, trade shows, donations, etc. )

Gold prospection. Amateur research. Genal valley (Serrania de Ronda)

Gold prospection. Amateur research. Genal valley (Serrania de Ronda)

Friends meeting point.  Tours

Friends meeting point. Tours

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