Copper mines Los Pros Alto. Cerro Alcuza

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site visit scheduled :  27 th november  2016


Málaga mountains enclose signficant minerals deposit of copper, manganese, cobalt and zinc. The ore deposits are included in highly fractured and sheared paleozoic shales, claystones and quarztzite which have been disturbed by late Miocene volcagenic sequence (dolerite-diabase). That geological event generated fluids and hydrothermal solutions which transported metals, mainly copper suphides. Subsequently those were transformed in Azurite and Malachite. 


We note through the landscape such extraordinary volcanogenic sequence, with dykes, diabases and sills intruded in Precambric-Ordovician micaschist along quartz veins.

The volcanic rock named diabase was used in civil works as base and wearing course for ancient pavement.


The main puroposes are: 

  • We will visit interior copper adits.
  • We wil make notes regarding diabase, quartz veins, and geological features on the ground.
  • We will collect some minerals like quartz,azurite,malachite,cuprite and chrysocolle.
  • We will make hiking along ridges and crests across Cerro Alcuza with beautiful view over Malaga bay.






  • General 4 € (Entrada al Museo)
  • Reducida 3 € (mayores 65 años, desempleados y niños 7 a 12 años)
  • Excursiones 6 € (incluye visita guiada y documentación)
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