Hiking at Los Reales ridges. Estepona

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site visit scheduled :  20 th november 2016


The massif of Malaga province represents one of the most remarkable outcrops of such rock in Europe and in the world. Peridotites have their origin in upper mantle of the earth and they were exposed at surface as a consequence of violent geological compressive scenario .

22km to the north of Estepona village, we discover Puerto de Peñas Blancas, an outstanding natural window over the Costa del Sol and Genal valley. Peridotites rocks are enriched in silicates, chromium, nickel, platinum, magnesium and iron ores .


The route involves a high level geological classroom on site, inside a fantastic natural scenario.

We challenge the following points: 

  • Hiking in Los Reales with wonderful views
  • We will discover peridotites rocks, and how to be familiar with their texture and composition
  • We will note remarks with the relief and nature of the process.
  • We will find red soils and rubefaction crusts on the rock
  • We will observe rocks, peridotites and minerals, silicates, oxides like black spinel, chromite and serpentine after olivine.We will discover faults, and debris flows as a consequence of faults movements.






  • General 4 € (Entrada al Museo)
  • Reducida 3 € (mayores 65 años, desempleados y niños 7 a 12 años)
  • Excursiones 6 € (incluye visita guiada y documentación)
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