27 th November 2016. The role of geologist at the service of community

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27 th November 2016. The role of geologist at the service of community

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The geological science meaning is passing a difficult situation at the current worldwide crisis scenario. The lack of investment by our national government in mining, hydrogeological and geoscientist projects and developments, interact in a very negative way to construction sector for assessing the real value of our professional services. Geology is an incredible science, and since the origin of the times has been performing an outstanding service to communities and society.

From the education sector point of view, the current programmes at schools don´t help to geological disciplines. In the Spanish system, subjects related to geological science are poor and bad focused. Actually geological disciplines are compared 20% to 80% related to biology, therefore schoolboys and girls hardly understand whats the real meaning of such amazing subjects “the science of the earth”.

The direct input of such education failure is a global migration of students to another subjects which familiar in knowledge. Also the university students registration are decreasing  every year, which is highly concerned by the geological community, professors and lecturers.

The geological community through our local administration and professionals must boost the expanding of our geological knowledge, making understandable to the society prosperity.

Geologists and geotechnicals are highly apprecciate during the earlier stages of the projects with regards to mining operations, hydrogeological research, alternative energies developments, and civil engineering issues both during feasibilities and preliminary studies, construction project to work construction consultancies.

We also perform high-value geoscientific studies to prevent geological risks and assessments related to geohazards and sismology (earthquakes), and a solid capital asset for urban planning developments, civil engineering and geotechnical infrastructures (roads, railways, dams, tunnels,..), geological mapping, mining (open pits, adits..) natural geohazards risk assessment, and geological and mining heritage.

Without the support and financial helping (contracts) of both local and regional governments, the geology is unable to generate richness and prosperity as a creation of employment in a positive way. We must claim our positions and roles in society as high qualified professionals whose developments are highly competitive in all sort of scenarios and disciplines. However the regional and national government must keep significant budgets for new geo projects and civil infrastructures in order to shake the geo-employment, proceeding with the regional project developments.


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